Ristorante Fior di Loto.
A pleasant meeting place for lovers of tranquillity and good food.

Qualità e Gusto


Everything that you’ll taste comes from constant study, the selection of fine raw materials and 20 years’ experience in the sector which have enabled us to achieve a very high quality, and international awards and esteem, not just for the exceptional nature of our meat selection but also for the mastery of the people creating our dishes. The chef Nicola Morettini continues in the care and dedication to the skilled legacy left by our great chef Amedeo Panni.

An enchanted place in the heart of the country near Lake Garda with views of the Sovenigo lakes at Puegnago sul Garda in the province of Brescia. Taste quality dishes at the Ristorante Fior di Loto immersed in the countryside, far from urban frenzy.

The meat paradise at the Sovenigo lakes

The Sovenigo lakes are the feature of our restaurant, turning it into a corner with an exotic perfume. In the summer, the warm pink of the lotus flowers colours the large leaves that totally cover the lakes recreating an oriental corner in the Valtenesi countryside – the air is inebriated by the spectacular bloom of the flowers, and the eyes filled with shades and colours. An intense but delicate perfume will transport you into a magical, fairy-tale atmosphere.


Our restaurant, with elegant, traditional furnishing, the cool garden and the lakes will enable you to enjoy an experience out of time. The idyllic, pastoral landscape surrounding the restaurant provides a calm, harmonious area where you can enjoy impeccable service and a careful culinary choice for a unique experience.